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How Do I Become A Stripper? How To Become An Exotic Dancer?

how to become a stripper

So the question that has been on your mind for a long time now is, “How Do I Become A Stripper? Well first of all you will need to make a good impression if you want to make it into the stripping industry.

On my first night as a stripper I came to the party with all my makeup and hair done. I made sure that I would introduce myself to all of the staff and management.

I made everyone around me feel important and special. On my first day I was already considered a club favorite because of the way I treated everyone respectfully and come across very professional.

If you are considering getting into the stripping industry there will be times you will go through some rough times, however if you can mentally handle the early stages and exude charisma, and while you are learning everyone will want to help you to help you succeed as a dancer.

If you can learn how to handle yourself well like you would if you were going for a huge job interview, you will start making money much quicker and other great opportunities will also come.

Just remember if you go in with complete confidence in yourself everything will turn out right. Just don’t be cocky or snobby in anyway. Just be open to learning new things. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated and karma will return in your favor.

If you have never danced before I recommend you start with the basics. This program will give you the confidence before you audition. So you don’t want to show up with no dance skills right?

Choosing the right club

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is choosing the right club to work for. The club will determine which customers will be marketing yourself to and how much income potential you really have.

Find the top 5 clubs in your city

Once you find some local clubs in your city just be careful before choosing the one you want to work in.

There are even clubs that are much lower standard so I would avoid them if I were you.

There are 2 types of clubs and I only recommend working in the top 2 categories in establishments.

1.       The Upscale Gentlemen’s Club

2.       The Neighbourhood Men’s Club

Upscale bars will have a much high standard of good club services and alcohol will cost more than the alternatives. Some clubs require membership. This is good because if the client is spending the more money you will make. From my experiences it’s a good idea to work a high end club.

If you will just read some of the articles on this blog you will soon become the top dancer in your club. So don’t settle for a lower-end club is not a good thing.

Just like every business the top 10% of all earners will make at least 80% of the money. Under no circumstances should you work in a low-end club or one that few people will go to for the following reasons.

1.            Your safety is compromised

2.            You won’t get respect from the customers or staff members.

A great way to find strip clubs in your area is to visit www.Tuscl.com which is a directory for the ultimate strip-club list.

There are lots of other ways of course, just search Google for “Gentlemen’s clubs” followed by your city name.

Always do your research if you want to find a club that you would like to work for and then visit the club personally to speak with the staff and management.

The management will be able to assist you and give you all the information that’s required to make it into the industry.

Remember that not every guy likes a woman with big boobs and a large butt, so appreciate what you have and believe in yourself and you may get hired on the spot.

Please leave a comment below with your opinions or any misconceptions the industry has.